ROMANINI ADVOGADOS was founded on 2010 and by need of some companies which, at that time, were looking for an expert advice, with quality, however with an adequate cost to small and medium companies of medical devices sector, medicines and cosmetics, including companies that need to initiate their operations in Brazilian Market. Since then, 300 companies have hired our services, more than 400 lawsuits with the objective, mainly, among other rights, the accomplishment by ANVISA of legal deadlines and many advices that, visibly, has been brought results to our clients. ROMANINI ADVOGADOS has been working in "artisanal legal advice", with the objective of giving legal support to clients which face obstacles to improve the health in our country, with the insertion of new Technologies in medical devices, medicines, cosmetics and everything under ANVISA regulation.


CARLA MELO ROMANINI initiated her career in Law in 1999, in telecommunication and medical devices North-American multinationals.

She worked as Contractual, Corporate and Regulatory Law expert in lawfirm and also in a
Japanese multinational company in electronic sector,
liable for Contractual, Corporate, Labor and Regulatory Law.

On 2010 she decided to open her own lawfirm, a "boutique lawfirm"
dedicated to a personalized service to companies in regulated sector, making possible the companies whom they desire to enter in Brazilian market.

Law degree in 2001, at UniFMU - SP, and postgraduate in PUC - SP in Contractual Law,
17 years of experience in legal support to companies and now with her lawfirm which renders
legal services to regulated companies in Brazil, in special to companies regulated by ANVISA - Brazilian Health Surveillance Agency.